Monday, September 01, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence and 100 Other Celebrities Were Hacked

Yesterday I saw more of Jennifer Lawrence than I think she would have wanted. I know it was more than I wanted.

For a few hours on Sunday, one of my favourite sites had a few naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence up before her lawyers sent out cease and desist letters, threatening to prosecute anyone who posted them. Word is there were more pictures and explicit videos available, but I saw no need to go further down the rabbit's hole and click the source link.

Initially, it was thought that someone had hacked Jennifer's and 100 other celebrities’ cell phones, but there are now reports that a hack of Apple's iCloud is to blame.

I am old enough now to know that if you take nude pictures of yourself, you should expect them to be made public. While most of us do not have to worry about hackers with too much time on their hands, nude pictures - post breakup - are a concern for many people.

I think I was like many people who immediately regretted clicking the link to see the photos. At the end of the day, this is still a major violation of someone's privacy. If it had happened to me, I'd be mortified. I can't imagine facing this humiliation with paparazzi waiting outside my driveway.

What bothers me the most about this is, the last person who hacked celebs cellphones and posted images on the internet got eight years in jail. I guess I don't understand the hacker’s mind, because Jennifer Lawrence naked, isn't worth federal prison time.


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