Thursday, September 04, 2014

Please Don't Disrepect North West's Mom, She's an Icon

British GQ named North West's mother 'Woman of the Year' two nights ago. Initially, I was perplexed by their decision, but after careful thought I realized that the ability to capitalize on selfies, look busted in designer clothes and finding increasingly rich black men to marry you, is a talent that not many women have. And in a world of ISIS and ebola why not honour it?

One person wasn't confused about North West's mom's accolade. Kanye West. Kanye West wants us to know North West's mom is an icon.

According to the Daily Mail:
Kanye was clearly proud of his wife’s new title as he launched into a passionate rant about those who hate her success.

According to The Sun, he was heard saying: ‘People showed respect to a woman that is an icon and an inspiration that has bridged the art world with the pop world in a way no one will ever master like her.’

He added: ‘People who are disrespecting and rude and negative, who want to hate about her success are people that we don’t want to have anything to do with.’
So North West's parents not wanting to have anything to do with you, is a punishment?

Do you get the impression these two sit around in their private time and talk about how amazing they are?

I understand why North West's mom is as popular as she is. She and other reality star's fame makes complete sense to me. We've made an industry out of making "regular Joes" rich and famous. We now celebrate people who do absolutely nothing. Because that's the new American dream. We now want something (wealth and fame), but we don't really want to work for it.

People repeatedly tell me North West's mom is a business woman. She is not. That is not her gift. North West's mom's talent is this: She has the ability to latch on to more famous and/or more talented individuals to prop herself up. It started well before Paris Hilton, but Paris gave her a national platform. It continued with Ray J, Nick Lachey, Nick Canon . . .

Every time her star starts to fade she lands a bigger fish. That's her gift. If that's iconic in your world so be it. I have another name for it in mine


  1. She's the woman of the year? That's sad. What talent does she have , or what contribution did she make? G-d I'm sick of the human race worshipping people , even Beyonce , when there are people trying to save us from eminent disaster and scientists trying to cure Ebola in a weekend! Where the phuck are our priorities? Kanye thinks she does something so rare? Yes, she mastered the art of prostitution and memory loss. She mastered the art of lying to our faces and creating a false reality. Nothing about her is real, and while I don't care about her plastic body, she makes the world believe it's hers or that her show isn't scripted?! how people? she has no style but was a *stylist* . you can put the fanciest clothes on her and she looks like shyt. we all know she's daft as hell. whenever people stop talking about her a minute, she dresses like a high-class escort (which she literally is) and then she's relevant again. But how can Karl, Anna and Carine back her? People are no longer famous for being exceptional at something. Unless primping and preening 24/7 , being self-absorbed and hocking products is exceptional. Doesn't the laws of supply & demand equate her as being worthless?

  2. I just don't get this look. I've tried to see it for this ensemble but i just can't lol-


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