Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Before Kendall Jenner There Was Aliana Lohan

We're going to ignore Lindsay Lohan for obvious reasons.

Do you all remember when Ali Aliana Lohan announced that of all the things she could do with her life, she was going to become a model? Her (then) agency Wilemina, sent her to work in Korea to build her book. I don't recall ever seeing images of her in Korea magazines. I don't recall ever seeing more than two published shots of her. Aliana doesn't even have a profile on Models.com.

She's still claiming to be a model while working on a singing career.

Now when you look at Kendall Jenner and complain about her lack of emotion and her one facial pose, we need to be thankful that at the very least, she was born with an interesting and photogenic face.

Aside: Aliana never really stood a chance. 

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